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Blogging is a funny old thing. Some people worry that they need to write constant essays to keep up the content. For us it's just a great place to voice our opinions, interview interesting people and pass on some of our knowledge for free.

8 things I’ve learnt about building hype from Mr Brainwash
10 October 2010

I recently saw Exit Through the Gift Shop – a movie produced and directed by the prolific artist, Banksy about street art. The movie heavily features Thierry Guetta – a Frenchman living in LA, travelling the world and filming famous street artists doing their thing.

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Mad Men and Underbrand Men
6 October 2010
The Mad Men of Underbrand

Mad Men is one of my favourite programs and watching it the other night it got me thinking – Are there any similarities between the men of Sterling Cooper and the men here at Underbrand?

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Fashion Forward with Romina Karamanea
6 October 2010

Romina Karamanea is fast becoming one of the UK’s hot new fashion designers. She also happens to be both a client and close friend of Underband.

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Advertising and the creative industries in film and television
5 October 2010

We all glue to Mad Men and it’s portrayal of the advertising industry of the early 60s but this is not the industry’s first role as the underlying topic of drama.

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