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Blogging is a funny old thing. Some people worry that they need to write constant essays to keep up the content. For us it's just a great place to voice our opinions, interview interesting people and pass on some of our knowledge for free.

Social media on the move
23 February 2013

Since moving to Melbourne, we can’t help but notice how many fabulous food trucks there are.

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The Great 8 – SEO
19 October 2011

We’ve started a new Post Tag in our Blog called ‘The Great 8.’ Every month we will bring you 8 tips-of-the-trade on how you can help your brand right now. The first post is on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here are 8 things you can do right now to help it along.

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Annual Reports: Strategy is key to success
13 April 2011
Underbrand Annual Reports

Annual Reports are a daunting project, even for seasoned professionals. A clear and concise production schedule will ensure a smoother experience during the process.

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Brisbane Puts Some Bones Into The Brand
19 November 2010
Underbrand Brisbane puts some bones into the brand

For a long time we have been hearing that Brisbane is a new world city and since the tagline’s inception there have been some definite glimpses of its truth. Last night however I feel the city really shone, made its debut and lived up to the title with the Grazia Shopping Night on James Street.

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8 things I’ve learnt about building hype from Mr Brainwash
10 October 2010

I recently saw Exit Through the Gift Shop – a movie produced and directed by the prolific artist, Banksy about street art. The movie heavily features Thierry Guetta – a Frenchman living in LA, travelling the world and filming famous street artists doing their thing.

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