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So much more than Black. It’s Noir.

Hanover Publicis is the brainchild of Jateen Patel – an experienced, qualified and highly regarded private banker in London.

He wanted to create a luxurious publication as a marketing piece to sell his services to the super wealthy. The top 1,000 wealthiest people in the UK were on his hit list.

One thing that we wanted to steer away from was creating a bland looking Financial White Paper Document so we developed a 64-page magazine called ‘Noir’ that matched the level of sophistication of his client base.

To go with the elegant subject matter (such as custom yachts) and luxury advertisers (including Dior), we created unique spreads that looked interesting and fashionable.

The end result was the type of magazine that doesn’t look out of place fanned on a coffee table, positioned somewhere between your Christie’s Catalogue and Tattler Magazine.

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Luxury Goods